Bruce Watkinson

Executive Director

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Angela Addison

Fisheries Program Director

Angela Addison is our NCSFNSS Fisheries Program Director and has been working with the society since 2015.

Angela originates from Dodge Cove on Digby Island, near Prince Rupert, and has lived and worked with commercial, recreational and First Nations fisheries for many years. With experience working directly for First Nations communities, non-profit environmental organizations and regulatory agencies, Angela’s academic training in fisheries biology and resource management provide a technical lens with which to address some of the key fisheries conservation and management challenges facing First Nations communities at this time.

Angela appreciates the opportunity to work within First Nations driven fisheries initiatives and embraces the priorities and values that define them.

Angela has a BSc in Global Resource Systems from the UBC faculty of Land, Food and Community and a technical diploma in Coastal Resources Management from Coast Mountain College.

Maya Paul

Program Director, Cumulative Effects (CE) Strategic Initiatives

Maya Paul moved to Prince Rupert in 2003. Her varied background living and growing up in rural Southern Africa imparted a deep rooted interest in the environment and sustainability. 


 This led her to complete a Masters Degree in Resource Economics and an Undergraduate Degree in Environmental Science from the University of Guelph, Ontario. During her undergrad, she majored in Natural Resources Management with an area of emphasis in Environmental Impact Assessment. Driven by a passion for advancing community wellbeing and environmental sustainability, Maya has been involved in a number of community-based conservation and development projects with government and non-government organizations.


Over a period from 2006 to 2011, she worked as the Socio-economic Planner for the NCSFNSS, enabling and facilitating development of First Nations community-based marine plans. Returning in 2016, Maya worked with NCSFNSS as the Cumulative Effects Coordinator to initiate development and implementation of a refined MaPP Cumulative Effects Framework as part of the Marine Plan Partnership (MaPP). Currently, as the Program Director, Cumulative Effects Strategic Initiatives, Maya co-manages the integrated MaPP/ESI (Environmental Stewardship Initiative) Cumulative Effects Program in the North Coast of B.C. on behalf of the participating North Coast First Nations. Maya is happy to find herself catalyzing this meaningful work with an amazing team of new and old colleagues – all the while living in this beautiful part of the world with her family.

Holly Booker

Technical Coordinator

Holly joined NCSFNSS in 2020 after relocating with her husband and young daughter to Vancouver Island from Ontario. 


She completed her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from the University of Guelph and Royal Roads University and in 2016 she received a Master’s in Environment and Resource Studies from the University of Waterloo. Her thesis research took her to Mexico, where she developed occupancy models for jaguars and their prey species in Calakmul Biosphere Reserve. She has a diverse background working as a paramedic, a nutritionist, a yoga teacher, as well as positions in the environmental sector and volunteering with wildlife organizations. Holly currently works with NCSFNSS as the Technical Coordinator, supporting integrated MaPP & ESI North Coast Cumulative Effects and related projects.


When not working, she loves travelling with her family, hiking the numerous trails in BC, and enjoying the beautiful beaches along the island’s coast.

Grant Garner

Data Science Lead

Grant joined NCSFNSS in 2022, working remotely from Salmon Arm, as a Data Science Lead supporting the integrated MaPP & ESI North Coast Cumulative Effects and related projects. He graduated from the University of Victoria with an Honours in Biology, where his undergraduate thesis examined the effects of the commercial bottom trawl fisheries on sediment resuspension along the continental shelf adjacent Vancouver Island.  His background draws from his passion for fisheries and oceanographic sciences, having worked with federal bodies to conduct stock assessment surveys, academic research groups to examine oceanographic trends in the NE Pacific, and as a contractor exploring salmonid spawn success in BC’s interior.  


In his off time, he loves mountain biking, backpacking, camping, and exploring BC’s many hidden wonders with his partner.

Jane Healey

Salmon Lead

Jane recently made the move to Prince Rupert from northern Vancouver Island and joined the NCSFNSS team in 2022.


Originally from Ontario, Jane has lived on the west coast for over a decade. She has a BSc in Geography and Environmental Studies from the University of Victoria, and has extensive experience working with salmon all over BC and the Yukon. She most recently has been working with First Nations in the Broughton Archipelago region off north Vancouver Island doing salmon habitat restoration projects.


When not working with salmon, Jane enjoys backcountry skiing, canoeing, and cycling.

Elizabeth Herbert

Salmon Value Restoration Biologist

Elizabeth completed her Bachelor of Science in Biology in 2013, and received a Master’s of Zoology in 2019 from the University of British Columbia. Her thesis research investigated the potential relationship between marine protists and the Sea Star Wasting Disease in Ocre Sea Stars on the Northwest Coast. She has a background primarily focused in the marine intertidal zone, and has recently transitioned out of environmental consulting. Elizabeth moved to Vancouver from Minnesota in 2013 to complete university, and recently moved to Prince Rupert after working in the area since January 2020.


When not working, Elizabeth enjoys baking for friends and colleagues, loves investigating the diversity within the intertidal zone, exploring new places and beaches with her two puppies. 

Anke de Wit

Fisheries Project Coordinator

Anke has been working with NCSFNSS since 2019. She is from Terrace and loves to spend her free time exploring Northwest BC.


 Anke worked as a Creel Surveyor for two seasons while finishing her degree in Environmental Geography from the University of Victoria. After graduating in early 2021, she has led the Creel Crew as the Creel Supervisor. Anke is continuing to work with NCSFNSS as a fisheries technician.

Grace Stewart

Fisheries Technical and Communications Coordinator

Grace was born and raised mostly in Prince Rupert, but graduated from high school in Terrace.  She is a member of the Nisga’a Nation and her family comes from Gingolx Village in the Nass Valley.  She is part of the Gisk’asst (Killer Whale) tribe.


Grace completed her Bachelor of Science in Biology and Biochemistry in 2022 from the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George.


When not at work, Grace enjoys hiking, kayaking, and travelling. Growing up in Prince Rupert, Grace has developed an appreciation for the ocean and she is really looking forward to exploring the field. She works with NCSFNSS as the Fisheries Technical and Communications Coordinator.

Shannon Riehl

Manager of Finance and Administration

Shannon joined the NCSFNSS team in July of 2013 after relocating to Prince Rupert from Nelson BC.

In Nelson, Shannon attended Selkirk College where she studied Business Administration.  A few years after graduation she was hired by the BC Public Service in the Corporate Services Division. There she worked in both Accounts Payable and Records Management supporting science and conservation staff for over five years.  Shannon left her position with the Public Service to move to Prince Rupert to be with her partner. She started her new position with NCSFNSS, as Office Manager, not long after her arrival. Currently, in her role as Manager of Finance and Administration, Shannon enjoys being a part of the NCSFNSS team and working to support the Member Nations.  

Carmen Hansen

Administrative Assistant

Originally from Ontario, Carmen moved to Vancouver Island and then relocated in 1998 to Prince Rupert to raise her family. She has called Prince Rupert her home ever since. During her time here, her education led her to a position with the Prince Rupert School District.  She spent 23 years working with students, helping them achieve their goals and become proud members of our community. Carmen has held many positions over the years, has a wealth of knowledge and enjoys helping others. Recently, her studies have led her to a new career in Business Administration.


When she’s not working, Carmen loves spending time with her family, especially her grandson. She enjoys the beauty of the North Coast and finds the tranquility of being out in nature nurturing. She loves animals, the forest, the ocean, the mountains and is very much interested in making a difference for our future generations.